The trivia league taking a broken world by storm.

What is AST?

  • A head-to-head daily sports trivia division
  • 12-day "Fortnights" occurring at least 6 times per year
  • Matches Monday through Friday only
  • Twenty-four hours to answer five questions
  • Defensive strategy to stymie your opponent
  • Promotion/relegation from one Fortnight to the next
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Sample Questions


Yugoslavia has the most MVPs in World Championships / World Cup history, with six (including one that was awarded during the period of time that the team was known as “FR Yugoslavia”, the precursor to Serbia and Montenegro). Name two.

Toni Kukoc, Drazen Petrovic, Dejan Bodiroga, Drazen Dalipagic, Dragan Kicanovic, Ivo Daneu


There have been two post season no-hitters in MLB history; name both pitchers.

Roy Halladay, Don Larsen


Complete the title of the book by David Winner about the national team that finished runner-up in the World Cup in 1974, 1978, and 2010: "Brilliant _______."