The trivia league taking a broken world by storm.

What is AST?

  • A head-to-head daily sports trivia division
  • 12-day "Fortnights" occurring 7–8 times per year
  • Matches Monday through Friday only
  • Twenty-four hours to answer five questions
  • Defensive strategy to stymie your opponent
  • Promotion/relegation from one Fortnight to the next
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Sample Questions


In the 2022 season, Aaron Judge leads Major League Baseball in the Wins Above Replacement stat by all three major standards—Fangraphs, Baseball Prospectus, and Baseball Reference. Give the name of either St. Louis Cardinal who is in the top four by all three measures.

Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Arenado


Name the nation that has won four men’s FIH field hockey World Cups, more than any other nation (though they lost to the Netherlands in the 1990 final match, the one time the Cup was hosted on their home soil in Lahore).



If we describe the AFC era as beginning in 1970, when the NFL and AFL merged, there are only two teams that currently meet the definition of “former AFC teams.” As it happens, these two teams are in the top ten of NFL city pairs that are geographically farthest from each other. Name both teams. (Note: This does not count teams that have relocated but remain in the AFC, or teams that have relocated and then reformed in the original city, but remain in the AFC.)

Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers