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What is AST?

  • A head-to-head daily sports trivia division
  • 12-day "Fortnights" occurring 7–8 times per year
  • Matches Monday through Friday only
  • Twenty-four hours to answer five questions
  • Defensive strategy to stymie your opponent
  • Promotion/relegation from one Fortnight to the next
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Sample Questions


Controversy struck a struggling Michigan program in 2014, when backup quarterback Shane Morris started his first (and only) game at U-M against Minnesota. During play, Morris sustained a hard blow to the head and visibly stumbled, though the Michigan coaching and training staff missed this or mistook the cause of the stumble due to Morris also playing through a sprained ankle. Despite his being concussed, the Wolverines sent Morris back into the game. While things were not going well for Michigan's head coach at the time, this was likely the final nail in his coffin as he was fired later that season. Name this coach, who was also famous (infamous?) for not wearing a headset on the sidelines.

Brady Hoke


Famously, only one player has died as the result of an injury sustained in a major league game; his death was the result of being hit by a pitch in the head in 1920, prior to the advent of the batting helmet.  By coincidence, the first and last names of the deceased are both the last names of famous assassins of the late 20th century, while the pitcher shares his first name with the first name of a Giants HOF pitcher and his last name with the last name of a Giants HOF outfielder. Name both players.

Ray Chapman, Carl Mays


Today is a THEME DAY. Theme days can be overt, or they can be subtle and connected, in such a way that figuring out the theme may help you answer the questions.

What national soccer team, nicknamed β€œLes Sao,” plays home matches at the Idriss Mahamat Ouya Stadium, but has never qualified for a World Cup or an Africa Cup of Nations, and is currently under an indefinite ban from FIFA?