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Fortnight 8 – Day 1 Questions

Question #1

In the short history of Olympic baseball, the U.S. has won just a single gold medal, in the 2000 Sydney games. Who came out of retirement to manage that team?

Tommy Lasorda


Question #2

What almost-rhyming, almost-common phrase is used as the nickname for the 2013 Auburn-Alabama game, based entirely on the final play of that game?

Kick Six


Question #3

The Best Documentary Feature winner at the 91st Academy Awards told the story of Alex Honnold's attempt to scale El Capitan, a vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park, using what high-risk, two-word style that doubled as the film’s title?

Free Solo


Question #4

The “Scholar’s Mate,” also called a “blitzkrieg” and a “schoolboy’s mate,” is a checkmate accomplished in four moves. Which three pieces must be moved by the winning player to successfully execute this maneuver?

Pawn, Bishop, Queen


Question #5

Eighteen-time grand slam singles champion Chris Evert has been engaged to be married four times, married three times, and divorced three times. Name two of her four fiancés.

Jimmy Connors, John Lloyd, Andy Mill, Greg Norman

Country Club