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Fortnight 4 – Day 5 Questions

Question #1

Name the only man to be nominated for an Academy Award in the “Best Supporting Actor” category whose father also served as the commissioner of Major League Baseball.

Paul Giamatti


Question #2

When the NBA suspended its season on March 11, 2020, the Milwaukee Bucks led the eastern conference standings and the Los Angeles Lakers led in the western conference. By record, name the teams that were second in each conference. (Note: Your answer should consist of TWO teams.)

Toronto Raptors, L.A. Clippers


Question #3

In a regulation polo match, how many players are on a single team (not counting the horses)?



Question #4

What twelve-letter noun, in its current form, comes to us from late Middle English, and can be traced back through Old French all the way back to the Old Norse word “krokr,” which means “hook.” By the late Middle English period, with the addition of a short prefix, it had taken on a new definition roughly equivalent to “trespassing.”



Question #5

The last place finisher in Major League Soccer, the cellar dweller in many Australian and New Zealand professional leagues, and the worst team in rugby’s Six Nations Championship are just some examples of entities that would receive what ignominious “prize”—sometimes real and sometimes metaphorical—which was first awarded at the University of Cambridge for poor academic performance?

Wooden Spoon