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Fortnight 11 – Day 10 Questions

Question #1

The UEFA Europa League, formerly known as the UEFA Cup, began in 1971-72, and is considered today the second-most important European club competition, behind only the Champions League. Only one club has won more than three titles, and as it happens, that club has six—all since 2006. Name the club. (Which, incidentally, is not the Spanish club that won the title Wednesday.)



Question #2

The so-called “Dead Man’s hand,” usually described as two black aces and two black eights with an unknown hole card in five-card poker, got its name because it was allegedly the last hand played by what man?

Wild Bill Hickok


Question #3

“Association,” “golf,” “garden,” and “ricochet” are variations of what sport?



Question #4

Since 1960, there have been five cases where the Most Outstanding Player of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament (Division 1) came from a team that failed to win the championship. Those years were: 1961, 1963, 1965, 1966, and 1983. Three of the players went on to become NBA champions, one of whom is arguably more famous today for his post-basketball career. Name any two of the players.

For additional help, here are the championship teams from those years, which, again, did not include the MOP: Cincinnati ('61), Loyola-Chicago ('63), UCLA ('65), Texas Western ('66), N.C. State ('83).

(Note: The 1971 award originally went to Howard Porter of Villanova, which lost to UCLA, but was later vacated due to Porter's ineligibility; for the purposes of this question, that will not count as a correct answer.)

Jerry Lucas, Art Heyman, Bill Bradley, Jerry Chambers, Akeem Olajuwon


Question #5

In a 1981 WBC featherweight title fight billed as the “Battle of the Little Giants,” Puerto Rican legend and heavy favorite Wilfredo Gomez came in with a 32-fight knockout streak and spoke openly about his intention to score an early knockout against his lesser known Mexican opponent. Instead, he himself was knocked down 40 seconds into the fight, virtually blinded in his right eye by the seventh round, and finished by TKO in the eighth. His opponent instantly became a national hero, and defended his title three times in the next year. Tragically, he was killed in a car crash the following summer at age 23, cutting short an already brilliant career. Name him.

Salvador Sanchez

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