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Fortnight 8 – Day 5 Questions

Question #1

As of 2020, there are now four players who have won NBA titles with three different teams (before this year, there were just two). LeBron James is, by far, the best player of the four. Name two of the other three.

Danny Green, Robert Horry, John Salley


Question #2

Since tennis was re-introduced to the summer Olympics in 1988, there have been five gold medalists in singles (three men and two women) who have never won a grand slam singles title. Those winners hail from, in chronological order, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Chile, Russia, and Puerto Rico. Name any one of the five gold medalists.

Miloslav Mecir, Marc Rosset, Nicolas Massu, Elena Dementieva, Monica Puig

Country Club

Question #3

Who is the career leader in goals scored in La Liga—Spain's top professional soccer division—among players born in France? Note that this player, no. 15 on the list, is still playing in Spain.

Karim Benzema


Question #4

The Platypus Trophy is given to the winner of a certain college football rivalry game because a platypus looks, at least to some, like a hybrid of what two other animals?

Duck, Beaver


Question #5

The United States has won a gold medal in every Olympic games, but in four different winter games, they were held to just one. Who was the lone gold medalist for the Americans at the 1968 Grenoble games? This person not only secured gold for her country, but brought U.S. figure skating back to prominence following a devastating 1961 plane crash that killed the entire team. After the Olympics, she went on to commentate for ABC Sports for more than 20 years, and is still alive today.

Peggy Fleming