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Fortnight 13 – Day 3 Questions

Question #1

Notre Dame and Oklahoma have each boasted seven Heisman Trophy winners, tied for the most of any school. Another school has the same amount of total Heisman Trophy wins, but one fewer winner. Name the player responsible for this discrepancy or the school he played for.

Archie Griffin, Ohio State


Question #2

Jerry D. Bailey, Laffit Pincay Jr., Pat Day, and Julie Krone are all associated most closely with what sport?

Horse Racing

Racing & Combat

Question #3

In Forbes Magazine’s 2020 list of the most valuable NHL franchises, the so-called “original six”—the six teams that comprised the entire league from 1942 through 1967—all appeared in the top ten. Name any other franchise in the top ten, and your free hint is that the Pittsburgh Penguins are neither original six nor top ten most valuable.

L.A. Kings, Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Capitals, Vancouver Canucks


Question #4

While renting a warehouse in the early ‘80s, Nintendo of America president Minoru Arakawa was berated in front of his employees by the landlord, who was seeking back rent. What was the landlord’s first name?



Question #5

Fill in the blank with the missing word from the following excerpt, published on on Aug. 20, 2021: “Members of the collectors community were left reeling this week after news that Major League Baseball is set to end its 70 year trading card partnership with ______.”