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Fortnight 14 – Day 10 Questions

Question #1

In a list of memorable NFL moments since 2000, Bleacher Report wrote the following for the no. 10 entry, from a game played on Feb. 7, 2010: “While watching his father play for the Saints in the 1970s, Peyton's childhood dream was undoubtedly to throw the game-winning touchdown for the Saints in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, in Super Bowl XLIV, that's exactly what he did.”


Who caught the pass referenced here?

Tracy Porter


Question #2

On May 3, 1769, the racehorse Eclipse won the first of his 18 career victories at a venue which is now the largest thoroughbred horse racing venue in the United Kingdom, with a capacity of around 120,000, and which hosts the annual Derby Stakes. Name the track.

Epsom Downs

Racing & Combat

Question #3

On an ABC broadcast from 1999, a graphic featuring the names of four U.S. presidents as potential answers appeared below John Carpenter, the man shown here. Name the president who was correctly chosen by Carpenter.


Richard Nixon


Question #4

In the history of NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball, California has been the home state of 15 championships—11 by UCLA, 2 by San Francisco, and one each by Cal and Stanford. There are five states that have been home to exactly two national championships. In two of those cases (Florida and Oklahoma), the championships came from the same university winning twice. In the other three cases, two different schools won once each, and the championships were separated by 36, 53, and 55 years, respectively. Name any one of those three states.

New York, Wisconsin, Texas


Question #5

Erich Borchmeyer (10.7 seconds, fifth place), Karl Neckermann (21.8 seconds, semifinalist), Wilhelm Leichum/Erich Borchmeyer/Erwin Gillmeister/Gerd Hornberger (41.2 seconds, bronze medalists), and Luz Long (7.87 meters, silver medalist) were the top German finishers in events won by which man?

Jesse Owens