Rules & Information

Explanation of Statistical Terms

CA = Correct Answers

Total number of questions the player has answered correctly

CA% = Correct Answer Percentage

Correct Answers / Total Answers Submitted

K = Strikeouts

Player placed the K on a question their opponent got correct

MK = Missed Strikeout

Player's opponent got at least 1 answer correct, but the K was placed on a question they missed

K% = Strikeout Percentage

% of possible successful strikeouts. (K / (K + MK) ) * 100

HRH = Home Runs Hit

The player got an answer correct that their opponent had marked as the HR

HRA = Home Runs Avoided

The player's opponent got at least 1 question correct, but the HR was placed on a question they missed

HRC = Home Runs Conceded

The player's opponent missed at least 1 question, but the HR was placed on a question they got correct

HRA% = Home Runs Avoided Percentage

% of possible successfully avoided Home Runs. (HRA / (HRA + HRC) ) * 100

DS = Defensive Skill

A measure of how well a player has defended their opponents. Defensive Skill is calculated for each matchup for each player.

Opponents Expected Score - Opponents Actual Score

Expected Score is the average score from all players on a specific day with the same number of correct answers.

This stat was first conceived by Kyle Moran and Lucas Hubbard. For more information, check out their Fortnight 8 scatterplot and the associated explanation.

ADS = Average Defensive Skill

To account for differences in total matchups, Defensive Skill is averaged when comparing players across divisions and seasons. Matchups in which the opponent got 0 or 5 questions correct are excluded from this calculation, because defense does not matter in those matchups. They are considered "undefendable".

Total DS / Total Defendable Matchups