Rules & Information

Championship Day Matchups & Pro/Rel Schemes

As you hopefully know from the rules, the "regular season" lasts through the first nine days of the Fortnight, and Day 10 is Championship Day. The schemes below, tell you who you'll face on Championship Day based on your finish after the regular season, along with what's at stake.

Private Divisions:

For the day 10 matchups, all Private Divisions follow a 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6, etc scheme based off the final standings after day 9. If you division has an odd number of players, the person who finished last will not have a day 10 matchup.

Scheme for Tempest North Juniors:

Scheme for Tempest South Juniors:

Scheme for the North conferences of Endtimes, Doomsday, and Cataclysm:

Scheme for the South conferences of Endtimes, Doomsday, and Cataclysm:

Scheme for the North conferences of Calamity and Desolation:

Scheme for the South conferences of Calamity and Desolation:

Scheme for the North Conferences of Armegeddon, Eschaton, Ragnorak:

Scheme for the South Conferences of Armegeddon, Eschaton, Ragnorak:

This may look complicated, but it's simpler than it appears.

  • The position of each spot, from top to bottom, represents each player's finish after Day 9 within his or her division.
  • The words in the wide column describe what sort of match each position will be playing on Day 10
  • The letter column (ABCD) refers to where the winner of that match will wind up next Fortnight, should he or she return. "A" represents the Premiership, "B" represents Liga Two, and so on down to "F," which represents Sixligaen.

For instance, take this chunk from the top scheme:

Here, the person who finishes 7th in the Premiership after Day 9 will play in a Defense Match against B4 (the 4th place finisher from Liga Two), with the winner going to A (Premiership) and the loser going to B (Liga Two) for Fortnight VII. When there's no slash in the letter column, it means position for the next Fortnight is already determined—for example, the top three finishers in Liga Two will all be promoted to the Premiership (A) no matter what happens on Championship Day.

Match Types

  • Championship, Third Place, Fifth Place Match: Can be within a division, or, in the case of multiple junior divisions, a championship for all juniors.
  • Ultra-promotion Match: Doubles with some divisional championship matches, with the winner being promoted by two divisions (and the loser still promoted by one).
  • Attack/Defense: If you're on defense, you'll be fighting to avoid relegation against a player from the division below you. If you're on attack, you'll be fighting for promotion against a player from the division above you.
  • Placement Match: For juniors only. For placement in division next Fortnight, with a win sending the player higher and a loss lower.
  • Relegation Match: Occurs at or near the bottom of divisions, winner remains, loser is relegated.
  • Ultra-Relegation Match: Occurs at the bottom of some divisions, with the loser being relegated by two divisions (and the winner still relegated by one).
  • Super-Relegation Match: Rarely used, and only when mixing in new junior divisions with existing veterans. Loser is relegated by three divisions, and winner still relegated by two.
  • Honor Match: Your place for next Fortnight is already set, and the Day 10 match is for honor only.