Rules & Information

Friendly Overview

Friendlies are ten question quizes held during the offseason on a specific topic of sports interest. They are not mandatory or tied to regular fortnights in any way.

Official Rules

  1. Answer all ten questions to the best of your ability using standard AST rules.

  2. Assign a priority multiplier from 1-10 to each question based on your confidence in your answer and how difficult you think it will play for the group, using each number once and once only.
  3. We will determine the difficulty of each question based on the entire group's performance and assign each a question value from 1-10. The hardest question will be worth 10 points, and the easiest 1 point.
  4. Your score for each correct correct answer will be the question value multiplied by your assigned priority multiplier.

    For instance, if you answered the second-hardest question correctly (question value = 9), and gave it a priority multiplier of 8, you would receive 72 points for that answer (9x8). Incorrect answers yield zero points.
  5. Each player's total score will determine the final standings in the Friendly.

Strategy for Optimizing Your Score

First, you should reserve the highest priority multipliers for the questions you believe you've answered correctly; this is to take advantage of the multiplier. Within that subset of high-confidence answers, you should assign the highest priority multipliers to the questions you perceive to be most difficult for the group—those will yield the most points.

Thus, if you answer the hardest question correctly (difficulty number: 10), you will get 100 points if your priority multiplier is 10 (10x10), but only, say, 20 points if your priority multiplier is 2 (10x2). Big difference!

Finally, because you get 0 points for any incorrect answer, those should receive your lowest priority multipliers. To miss a question is no sin; to assign that miss a priority of 10 will cost you.